Dr. Pueblos' mission is to help you develop and maintain the mental side of performance. In any type of performance, there is more to success than what meets the eye. We will provide the necessary tools for you to master the mental side of performance. Below are some of the services that we provide for anyone interested in achieving and exceeding your goals! 

Mental Performance Training

No matter what you do in life, there is always the mental aspect that plays a key role in success. In ANY type of performance, individuals deal with immense pressures that can cause them to get out of the moment. Mindfulness training involves helping you be in control of your thoughts and emotions, as well as staying in the present state of mind amid all of the physiological, mental, and environmental events that occur during performance.

Team Building Training

Team cohesion is a vital part of a successful team and organization. The most successful teams have strong cohesion among its members, and our job is to help your team get to where it needs to be to be on that level. We help show you that it takes effective contributions from every person of the team or organization to achieve success.

Mentoring with Dr. Pueblos

Are you looking to pursue a career in sports and help athletes achieve peak mental performance? Get ready to receive exclusive training from a professional who has worked with elite athletes and entertainers. 

If you are looking to obtain mentored hours to become a Certified Mental Performance Consultant, Dr. Pueblos is your guy!

The Psychology of Coaching

We work side-by-side with coaches to help them be more effective with their athletes by enhancing their understanding of their players' motivations and goals, as well as help coaches be more effective in those "big game" situations. 

Entertainer Performance Training

Sport and Performance Psychology techniques are not only for those in the world of sports! These techniques and fundamentals can also be applied in the entertainment world to help musicians, actors/actresses, and other entertainers enhance their mental performance.

Parent Training

One of the biggest influences in an athlete's life is their parents. We help parents understand what motivates their athletes and how they can effectively support them in order to increase performance and enhance the relationship of everyone involved.

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Dr. Danny Pueblos

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